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Kim Bettincourt


Kim Bettincourt has been a Holistic Health Practitioner since June of 2007 when she completed her 900-hour academic and hands on training in massage therapy under the esteemed Ben Benjamin of the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Right after graduation Kim earned her board certification through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

In the upscale spa industry, she honed her skills at high end resorts including the Stein-Erickson Spa in Park City, Utah, The Wauwinet, The White Elephant and Great Harbor Yacht Club – all on the resort island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

In March, 2013, Kim opened her own wellness practice on Nantucket; for five years, Kim’s Essence Massage Therapy thrived. In October of 2017, Kim relocated to Arizona and has made her home here in the Verde Valley. In May of 2018, she opened Vital Essence Bodywork offering her advanced training in Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Lymphatic Balancing and ACE Cupping Therapies to the Verde Valley Community.

With a passion for learning and eager to find additional holistic therapies to help her clients, Kim is dedicated to attending continuous education workshops and conferences. Her continued studies have allowed her work to evolve in such a way that she listens to your body’s tissues and rhythms to locate restrictions so that she can target whatever challenge you are facing—headaches, muscle strain, injury, relieving tension or stress. Kim’s approach guided by her knowledge and intuition addresses the physical body, energetic body and spirit providing full body release resulting in balance, inner-harmony, and vitality.

Heike Barrett

Massage Therapist

As a graduate of the Sedona School of Massage, I specialize in creating a relaxing and therapeutic experience for my clients. My passion to help people feel their best comes not only from a long path of exploring my love of science and anatomy, but also because I’m a second-generation massage therapist. My youth was spent assisting my mother, a highly regarded and amazingly talented massage therapist, in Green Bay, WI.

My love of animals, and especially horses, led me to becoming a certified equine massage therapist in 1994. After years of teaching horseback riding, with an emphasis on rider’s position, I became a licensed physical therapist assistant. Within my practice as a PTA, I used massage as one of my go-to tools for rehabilitation.

Today, I use a variety of massage techniques to create a personalized experience for my clients. My vision is to use my experience to customize a soothing and beneficial massage utilizing a focus on connective tissue to provide a slow, deep, and gentle pressure. As a life-long student, I continue to hone my skill set for the best massage I can give my clients.

Kamie Filiatrault

Massage Therapist

Kamie Filiatrault attended massage school in Seattle, WA in 1998 with 1000 hours of training focused on anatomy, physiology and deep tissue massage. After experiencing Chiropractic and CranioSacral Therapy to address some health concerns her journey in studying CranioSacral Therapy began and has continued throughout the years. Her studies in this modality have increased her ability to listen to the body with patience and kindness through the healing process.

Kamie started her practice in Bellingham, WA then returned ‘home’ to Winter Park, CO where she had a successful practice focusing on chronic pain issues, working with abled and disabled athletes. She is continuously studying her craft…over the years she has studied CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute, massage cupping with the ACE Institute and the International Cupping Therapy Association, Myofascial Release with John Barnes and Til Luchau and Lymphatic Balancing at the Colorado School of Healing Arts and the Chickly Institute. She is currently studying the Bioanatomy Field with Eileen McKusick utilizing tuning forks to release blocked energy channels and a return to a deeper sense of self.

She enjoys helping people learn about their bodies through pain patterns, education and bodywork empowering the client to live their best life. With a great appreciation of the many massage and bodywork modalities she has learned her focus is to incorporate these tools into each treatment addressing each clients individual needs while providing a therapeutic and healing experience.

She recently made the move full time to Arizona. She is extremely happy to be in Clarkdale where she enjoys hiking with her three dogs, bird watching, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding and rehabbing 2 houses. She is an avid reader and is currently enrolled in classes to learn to be a jeweler. She enjoys volunteering for the Clarkdale Rock and Gem club and also volunteers for Pets Return Home.

She looks forward to working with you!

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