Botanical Massage Cupping Facial

Botanical Massage Cupping Facial

Botanical Massage Cupping Facial

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“Clean beauty that is safe and healthy for you and the planet.”

This holistic, non-invasive facial treatment uses organic, wild crafted products from Annmarie Gianni Skincare, gentle facial cupping and lymphatic massage to bring balance and vitality to your skin naturally. The facial cupping is a gentle vacuum technique to increase circulation and nutrition to the skin, improve muscle tone, lift and revitalize. Cupping and lymphatic facial massage can help diminish puffiness and clear rosaceous or congested skin for a smoother, firmer complexion. This treatment can also help clear sinuses as well as release jaw tension associated with clenching and TMJ. The treatment includes a cleanse, ACE facial massage cupping, a lymphatic facial massage, a nutrient rich mask, serum, and moisturizer leaving your skin refreshed and luminous.

At Vital Essence Bodywork & Botanicals we believe in clean beauty that is safe and healthy for you and the planet. Living in harmony with nature and using products from the earth for health, wellness and beauty. We also support companies committed to sustainability and fair working conditions and wages. Annmarie Gianni skin care products are formulated from organic, wild-crafted botanicals and always free of synthetic ingredients. Their commitment to beauty is full circle. It’s about making good, clean effective skincare, coexisting with the environment and creating a thriving ecosystem while making products that make your skin look beautiful.
*If you have botox injections please wait one to two months from last injection before booking. ACE massage cuppingTM is not recommended for people with all other fillers but treatment can be modified to accommodate using Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques in place of facial cupping.

**We are not licensed aestheticians and are practicing within our scope of practice as massage therapists. We will not be treating or diagnosing any skin conditions or performing extractions.

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